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A Fleet of ATVs to use whenever you want!


A Fleet of ATVs to use whenever you want!

Whats more fun than cruising around the desert on and ATV….well maybe windsurfing, but ATV riding is a close 2nd.  We find that having a fleet of ATVs for you and your friends to explore with really opens up your perspective on what La Ventana has to offer.  From morning rides to pristine snorkel spots, evening ventures into the mountains to hike up desert oasis creeks or just cruising down to the local tienda to pick up a case of beer, our ATVs allow you to explore all the beautiful spots,secluded beaches, restaurants and stores that make La Ventana so unique.  You can use them anywhere in town you want, whenever you want, although we do urge people to stay off populated sections of beach.




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