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Frequently Asked Questions

 Getting There:  There are two airports to choose from: La Paz (LAP) and San Jose del Cabo (SJD).  Most folks these days are flying into San Jose del Cabo as flights are cheaper and often direct. The drive over from Cabo is 2 hours. We are happy to arrange a taxi to pick you up for around $160 (much cheaper than you will find at the airport). Car rentals are usually around $25 per day and we can help advise you on which companies are the best. The drive to La Ventana is 2hrs and the roads are very safe and well marked. We will also provide you with driving directions and a map via email. From La Paz you can either rent a car or take a taxi (or we can arrange to pick you up).  The drive from La Paz to La Ventana takes about 40 minutes. Recently we have had a lot of guests flying very cheaply ($240 round trip on Volaris) from the airport in Tijuana to La Paz. They have told us that it is very easy to walk across the border and grab a cab to the nice new Tijuana airport.

Windy Season:   The Bay of La Ventana is the perfect location for windsurfers of all abilities.  Steady 4.5-6.0m side shore winds blow down the 10-mile white sand beach from November til’ April.  Beginners enjoy the safety net of the L shaped beach that captures downwind drifters.  While advanced and intermediate sailors will have a blast sailing the small breaking waves of the main sandbar or the bigger breaking waves of the Buffador (blowhole).  The fact that on most days the wind is thermally driven means that conditions for all abilities can be found during different parts of the day.  The mornings are great for beginners with lighter winds, then as the wind ramps up intermediate and advanced sailors will have fun blasting back and forth on long reaches. The best time for wind is Mid-November thru March.  (It always seems to nuke Christmas day and Thanksgiving).  Unless we have a huge Norte wind day with giant swell, shore break is generally knee high at most.

Accommodations:  Pro-Windsurf La Ventana offers multiple adjacent houses and apartments located just a minute’s walk from the beach.  At your beach access you will find a fully stocked gear shed with rigged and ready 2013/2015 windsurf and SUP equipment just feet from the water.  All apartments feature a large patio, mini-fridge to keep the cerveza cold and within reach, and access to an outdoor gas BBQ.  Four of our “Big Casitas”  offer a rooftop terrace with views of the water and LV’s famous sunrises. We also have a 1 bedroom house with full kitchen that offers extended room for families that will be available most of the winter. We keep expanding our available accommodations so please inquire about other housing options.

Gear: ����������We will have 2012/2015 Naish Gear with some new additions of Starboard and Severne.  Sessions, Boxers and All Terrains from 7.1 on down to 3.7.  (I pretty much use a 5.0 the whole time.)  Boards; we have Naish Freestyle 90′s and 100′s, All Terrain 95, 104, 115 and a bunch of Koncept 70, 80, 90.  We even have some slalom gear for you racers, plus a bunch of Naish SUP’s.  There can be a fun SUP wave in the mornings after a good blow.  The SUP boards all have mast tracks and are great for beginners all the way to waterstarts.  We also have a 152 L Bic Techno and big Naish Nitrix boards for those who are first learning to get into the straps and a big beginner board for first timers.

How far in advance do I need to book:  This being our 5th year we have a lot of return guests who book early.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are the most popular, and often book up by Mid-September. However, we will do our best to accommodate late signups, and if we do happen to be booked up we would be more than happy to help arrange something with one of the other places in town.

Fun beyond windsurfing:  Non-wind activities abound in La Ventana, and we are happy to help guide you in maximizing your fun each day.  World class snorkeling and sports fishing are two main draws.  While hiking in the palm lined desert oasis creeks, ATVing to secluded beach and mountain locations, surfing and stand up paddling at the downwind beach break, beach volleyball, horseback riding, yoga, and Spanish classes are all happening on a daily basis.  We can even show you how to build a hot tub on the beach at La Ventana’s very own hot springs where water bubbles out of the sand at 137 degrees F.

Food:  There are about 10 very reasonably priced restaurants in town, 5 of which are just a quick walk down the beach.  Dinners tend to range between $5 and $9, while breakfast can be found for around $5 at most places in town.  Or you can grab an incredible fish taco or hot dog especial at one of several nearby taco stands for about $1.  There are also 2 coffee shops just a minutes walk from our gear sheds on the beach.

La Ventana for young kids:  First off, there is no mosquito issue which is nice.

The big white sand beach is only a 1 minute walk away from the house and apartments so running back for a bottle or a new diaper would not be a hassle.  The ocean is generally glassy calm in the mornings until the wind comes up around noon.  Right in front of the house the water is waist deep or less out to 15 yards. Water temperature is 64-74 degrees perfect for swimming, although a shorty or 3/2 wetsuit is nice for windsurfing from December on. All the apartments have big smooth concrete patios that children can crawl around on and a mini-fridge.  There are lots of folks down there with babies, and I would generally think of La Ventana as being very safe for children.  In fact the town is so small that most of the folks I know with kids 6 and up allow them to roam the beach playing with friends.

The vibe in town is very friendly and virtually crime free.

Also, the only thing that keeps gringos from drinking the tap water is the high salt content and this means restaurant food in La Ventana is very safe as far as stomach ailments go.






Terms and Conditions

Reservations & Deposits – A 50% reservation deposit is required within 7 days of making a reservation. You can pay the balance when you depart.

Cancellations and Refunds – All reservation payments are non-refundable unless we can re-rent the same property for the same period of time. Reservations that are re-rented are subject to a $100.00 fee. Reservations may be re-scheduled (Same property and number of nights) up to 60 days prior to scheduled arrival date subject to a $100.00 re-scheduling fee.

Proof of Citizenship – To enter Mexico, you must have proof of Citizenship (valid passport or an original or certified copy of a birth certificate). A photo ID may be required with a birth certificate. All U.S. citizens must also carry a Mexican Tourist Card which is supplied by the carrier. Mexican law requires that children under 18 years of age must travel with the consent of both parents. If a minor is traveling with only one parent, that parent must hold a notarized letter of consent from the absent legal parent or a copy of the death certificate is necessary. Failure to comply will result in denied boarding. Non-U.S. Citizens should contact the Mexican Consulate for specific entry requirements.

Limitation of Liability – By booking one of these vacations, you acknowledge that in all events Pro-Windsurf La ventana shall not be liable for any consequential damages and that the sole extent of Pro-Windsurf La Ventana liability shall never exceed the amount actually paid by you to Pro-Windsurf La Ventana.

Venue in case of dispute – By booking a vacation with Pro-Windsurf La Ventana you acknowledge and agree that the venue for any dispute or claim that you may wish to make regarding vacation arrangements made by Pro-Windsurf La Venana shall be made in the country of Mexico.