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Hot Springs


Hot Springs

Hot Springs

Yes, La Ventana has natural thermal hot springs right on the beach!  One of our favorite activities on no wind days is to drive or ATV to the North end of the beach and build beach side hot tubs where 140 degree F water bubbles up from the sand.  We pack a tarp, shovels, buckets and pick up beer and snacks along the way.  Once we arrive, we dig a source pit to uncover the hot water.  Beside that we dig a tub pit and line it with the tarp.  Next, we fill the tub with hot water addng sea water to cool it off,  and hot-tub it up into the night.  When the tub starts to cool off we toss in another bucket of steaming hot water to warm it back up.  With a little work the tub can be kept about 102 degrees for hours on end.  It works so well you will be glad the sea is only steps away for a refreshing dip or snorkel session.

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