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Meet The Pros

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Wyatt Miller US-525

Sponsors: Starboard, Severne, Dakine Accessories, Makani Fins, Pro-Limit Wetsuits, Chinook Sailing, Nolimitz Masts

Favorite Move: Big Konos

Top 3 Favorite LV activities: ATV Riding, Windsurfing, SUP Surfing

Favorite LV Event:  Burning Bush, biggest party of the year where everybody builds cool wood sculptures and burns them at a big party with music, tacos and ACTION!

Favorite Tequila: Sauza Cien Anos

Favorite Mexican Beer: Pacifico Ballena!

Favorite LV restaurant: Pablo’s

Favorite LV Bar:  Pablo’s

Favorite LV snorkel spot:  Half –way to the light house.

Favorite LV fish to catch: Dorado

Favorite LV Food:   Chiliquiles at the Tower restaurant, Carne papas at Tacos Leon, Chile Rellenos at Pablo’s.

Favorite Month in LV:  February, its less busy and the wind cranks.  Plus there is Carnaval in La Paz  Partaaee!


Tyson Poor US-22

Sponsors: JP-Australia, Neil Pryde, Dakine, NPX Wetsuits, Makani Fins, Pleasure Ground Eyeware

Favorite Move: Tweaked Pushloop

Top 3 Favorite LV activities: Sailing the big Norte days, Windsurf fishing, gettin’ hot in the Hot Tub!, My Sushi Night

Favorite LV Event: La Ventana Classic

Favorite Tequila: 100 Anos

Favorite Mexican Beer: Pacifico ALL THE WAY!!!

Favorite LV restaurant: Taco’s Leon

Favorite LV Bar: Pablo’s

Favorite LV snorkel spot: The old hotel

Favorite LV fish to catch: Yellow Tail

Favorite LV Food: Hot Dog Especial, Any fresh seafood!

Favorite Month in LV:  January, because of all the events, the start of a new year, great wind, and my birthday!