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Sport Fishing


Sport Fishing

La Ventana and its Island (Isla Cerralvo) located 8 miles off shore offer world-class sports fishing.  Our fishing buddy Captain Lalo is one of the best local anglers.  He and his specially equipped Ponga (boat) take groups of up to 6 people for around $240 per day for a full service fishing experience.  He is a ton of fun and will get you hooked up with Yellow Tail, Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna and even sailfish.  Once back on shore he artfully fillets the fish and we grill em and sushi em back at the house for a fish feast.  On the ride over the island dolphins are almost always playing off the boat wake and we have even seen orcas up close.  Just the ride over and getting to see the Island up close make for a spectacular trip.


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