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SUP Boards for Every Condition


SUP Boards for Every Condition


Fully stocked with Naish Stand-Up-Paddle boards.  Whatever your SUP flavor we have the ride for you. First time SUPers will love our Naish glass bottom window boards for checking out the tropical fish during glassy calm mornings.  While avid down-wind addicts flock to our 14′ Naish glides for catching swell while zipping down the coast.  La Ventana also boasts two surf breaks just a quick paddle down the beach, one provides easy entry level SUP surfing, while the other offers faster wedging rights.


All the boards are located in our private beachfront gear sheds.  Mornings are usually glassy flat and perfect for learning or taking long paddles for exercise.  Our guests often spot dolphins and a few have even had close encounters with orca whales passing directly under their boards.


If down-winders are your thing (and we are sure they soon will be), we can load some SUPs in the van and drive up the coast.  The only paved road in La Ventana parallels the beach so we just drive you up wind to whatever distance you desire and then we all go gliding back downwind to our place hopefully arriving just as the happy hour refreshments are being served.


For those who are into the surf we have “Mushrooms” surf break located about 75yds down the beach.  ”Mushrooms” consists of a 100ft wide reef extending out into the water, as long as there is some swell from the previous days wind or and approaching El Norte wind you will find waist to head high waves breaking consistently with both lefts and rights.  The Narrow reef provides channeling on either side so instead of fighting out through the whitewater after every ride you just paddle to the side and back out to the take off  zone with no breakers to interfere.

Once you have mastered “Mushrooms”  and are ready for a steeper wedging wave, we load the SUP boards on the back of our ATVs and head off about a mile down the beach to the Buffadore (blowhole)  a rock point with a shelf that makes for faster waves.

SUP fishing is also taking off in LV.  Last year the Yellow Tail (Hamachi) were in the bay for over a month and SUPers were routinely pulling in 30-50lb fish.  We have all the gear set up for you to try your hand at SUP fishing.

Whether its your first time on a Stand-Up-Paddle Board or you already have a fleet of your own at home, you will find tasty conditions in La Ventana.




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