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The Bay of La Ventana is the perfect location for windsurfers of all abilities.  Steady 4.5-6.0 sideshore winds blow down the 10 mile white sand beach from November thru April.  Beginners enjoy the safety net of the L shaped beach that captures downwind drifters no matter how far out they go.  While intermediate and advanced sailors will love blasting back and forth in the rolling ocean swells.  For great port tack jumping and backside wave riding the sandbar a couple tacks up wind at “The Generals” is the perfect place to boost some air or try that first loop.  Or you can head a bit downwind to the bigger waves at the buffadore (blow hole).

The fact that on most days the wind is thermally driven means that conditions for all levels can be found at the different parts of the day.  The mornings are great for beginners with lighter winds, then as the afternoon winds ramp up experienced sailors will have a blast racing on long reaches.  Both Tyson and Wyatt will be on hand each day to help you pick the right gear and provide tips and lessons to amp up your sailing level.

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