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A typical day at PWLV

What to expect on a typical day at PWLV?  Well, first you wake up in one of our beautifully furnished casitas, flip on the coffee maker and wait for a fresh cup of locally roasted Mexican coffee.  Slide open the front door to yet another blue bird morning and head up onto the rooftop patio to check the wind and water conditions.  Its looking calm and butter flat although you glimpse a slight windline tucked up against the island which is a good sign for the afternoon wind.  Now comes the first big decision:

  1.  Grab a SUP and paddle up the beach for a couple rounds of beach volleyball.
  2.  Head down the beach for 1 of 3 morning Yoga classes.
  3.  Load up snorkels, a snack and a buddy, hop on and ATV to fly up to Punta Gorda for a snorkel sesh. Make sure to be on the lookout for the empanada / tamale lady Josephina, for a tasty breakfast treat.

Now its 11:30 am and the wind has started to pick up making it windsurf time soon so you stop by Pablo’s restaurant, aptly named “Vientos Del Norte” or Wind of the North, to fuel up for the day.  Chiliquiles, Juevos Rancheros or French Toast……tuff choices.

Brunch is done so you head back to your casita to regroup.  Still a bit full, you walk down to the gear shed to get a closer look at the wind.  Tyson is there sweeping off the carpeted rigging area and suggests you two do a duck jibing lesson.  It sounds like a great idea so you both head back to the casitas to suit up.  Back at the beach Tyson gives a great on land simulator lesson before helping you pick your gear.  The two of you hit the water and you nail it 3d try, Tyson is busting up with laughter and cheering you on.  The stoke is contagious.

After an afternoon of powered 4.7 the wind starts to back off…..Time for another crutch decision:

  1. Tyson lays a pretty good argument to go out windsurf fishing on one of the SUPs, and his promise of sushi and sashimi with the catch is hard to beat.
  2. Meanwhile Wyatt and the ladies are loading SUPs in the van for a 6 mile down-winder.
  3. A few of the other guests ask if you want to ride ATV’s up to the mountains for an evening hike up one of the creek lined canyons……they’ve got a cooler full of ice cold cervezas.
  4. Hop on a cruiser bike and head to one of the little stores to grab some tequila and guacamole fixings to fire up the happy hour.

Now its getting dark and everyone is back from the evening’s activities.  Its time to shower up.   Clean and desaltified everyone piles in the van and onto ATVs and heads to Tacos Leon for dollar tacos and the best salsa bar in town.  The owner Rucci makes his world famous bacon wrapped hot dogs and Tyson challenges you to order an “Especial” topped with carnitas and Avocado.  When Rucci drops it off you are puzzled on how you are going to eat it without a fork.

Dinner is done and now its time for a group decision.

  1. Head back to the casitas and gear up for a night of sand boarding down the dunes.
  2. Stop by The Circle Bar and dance the night away to local gringo rock and roll talents.
  3. Go for a night hike up to the giant granite “moon rocks” that reflect the moon rays and light up the canyon path.
  4. Sleep, so you can do it all over again tomorrow.